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Services and Facilities

They are staffed by highly trained staff and the warmth that gives each patient and their family.


Meet our agreements with insurers. We continue working to expand our network.

Check Ups

We have a check up specific to each family member as well as your staff.

We are the only certified hospital in Irapuato

Acquiring the title “Certified Hospital” represents competitive advantages and benefits, within which are the following:

  • Demonstrate that standards are referenced patient safety, quality of care, hospital safety, current regulations and priority national health policies are met.
  • Emphasize the commitment to continuous improvement that has with the patient, family, staff and society unit.
  • Strengthen institutional image, as certified to be an external evaluation, demonstrates to patients, families and citizens, the organization works with standards of the highest quality.
  • Prove that the Hospital is internationally competitive.

In October 2014 the Insurgentes Medical Hospital has been favored with the title of “Certified Hospital”, which guarantees to you as a user and your family, we work under the highest possible standards of quality, always with the primary goal safety the patient, his family, our staff and our facilities.

Some of our services

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