Patient's Guide

Identificar correctamente a los pacientes.

At Medica Insurgentes, we care about patient safety so has goals internationally.

  • Correctly identify patients.
  • Improve effective communication.
  • Improve the safety of high-risk medications.
  • Ensure surgeries in the right place with the right procedure and the right patient.
  • Reduce the risk of infections associated with health care.
  • Reduce the risk of patient harm because of falls.

It is our intention that patients are involved in decisions regarding their care. One of the main ways to do this, is that the patient gives consent information low.

Hospital staff may require consent under information at various stages of the care process. The first is obtained when the patient is admitted for treatment during initial hospitalization or care. It is also required prior to doing a surgical procedure, invasive, contrast and / or anesthetic.

For the patient gives consent, the attending physician or staff should explain what the procedure will be done, he will unveil options and inform, if any, of the consequences of not accepting such a procedure.

Once you have provided this information, the patient is entitled to grant or withhold consent for the procedure will be performed.

  • Everyone entering the hospital, must be identified during their stay in our facilities.
  • The visitor must register in the reception module.
  • Staff receiving module will be given a badge that must carry visibly according to the area to visit.
  • If the visitor requires going to a different area that allows identification, you must go to the reception module to request the change.

One of the main safety practices is the correct identification of the patient. To this end, the Medica Insurgentes Hospital uses 3 specific data as identifiers:

  • The patient's full name (name (s) and surname).
  • Date of birth (day / month / year).
  • Patient sex (Female and Male).

For your safety, each time you perform a procedure, the staff to perform the service will confirm with the patient or family the two previous data.

Please refer to this policy to its visitors. We appreciate your collaboration. Remember, it's for your safety.

The hand hygiene is a key to prevention and infection control practice. It is policy that all staff Hospital perform effective handwashing before and after caring for a patient.

It is very important to involve the patient's family and their visits. Please tell them that they need to perform effective hand washing before entering his room and after leaving it.

In the hospital corridors soap dishes are available for this purpose.


The inpatient is subject to prescribed by your treating physician and supported by the nutrition department who oversees the patient's diet both in quality and quantity diet. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden room pass any food or drink and offer to the patient.

The beginning of the process is when your treating physician notifies nursing discharge, signing on record this indication. From the medical indication of discharge have on the record the nurse will process your administrative discharge.

A representative of the intake area, will call your room to pass the intake area to settle your account. If your account is by insurer will be informed exit policies available to the insurer.

The settlement account is received only in the intake area, it is a procedure that should be performed by the patient or family personally.

It is necessary for patients admitted under the protection of an insurance company upon previous authorization. This authorization does not relieve the patient from paying deductible, coinsurance and non-covered expenses, if any.

If urgently enter without authorization from the company, they request the necessary documentation for the procedure for direct payment authorization.

That procedure takes at least within 24 hrs. hospitalization and must meet pre-established policies in your policy and the company.

  • Submit your policy information and is in effect.
  • Medical report and notice of accident or illness duly completed.

If the insurance company does not authorize direct payment, will be responsible who signed the account or the same patient, who must settle the account at the time of discharge.

For any questions or doubts about your insurance we have their orders safe area, where you can receive advice about their pending in the Ext. 104, during office hours.

For questions and guide your process, we have available the following email:

Include your questions or comments, email and phone number and we will contact you shortly.


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